Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mools of woosta

Mools of woosta
Full with gold watches
Mools of woosta
Full with gold watches
Epigrammatists marching
Through the blue land of milled cotton

Cry me back mother
I'll pay the black piper
Cry me back mother
I'll pay the black piper
And tip the bearded lady
Dreaming of my sweet cake shortening

My sweet dumb crumbly cake
In woosta in the wake
Of the parade. 
                       - Jack Vaughan


The February 17, 1967 issue of Life. In which Ed Sanders appears along with Yevgeny Yevtushencko, F. Lee Bailey, Lauren Hutton and Lou Alcindor. The cover story concerns Happenings, the experimental art of the emerging "Other Culture" as writer Barry Farrell discovers it in London, Tokyo and New York.  In Clearly, there is something happening - as the blue borders of Life slurp down in Pollack slashes across the insert foto. With trade-mark good humor, Sanders is awaiting trial on obscenity charges related to the Peace Eye Bookstore and Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts.  The magazine is not mentioned by name, nor is Sanders' group, The Fugs. Sanders was a central figure in the 1960s Avant-garde scene of New York City for activity in music, poetry, publishing, film and performance poetry (perf-po). (Thanks to Jeff Hull.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Disgorged – I was spit out really

Disgorged – I was spit out really.
Out from the modern streaming BART in the tunnel dark. Glen Park!
And up the escalator into the night.
Where it's a street it’s a neighborhood and the families and friends are re configuring at the end of the day.
It is different than the bing-magneto-voucher-spoot tube.
It is end of the week, the kids from ballet. To pick up some tamales. The couple to the Friday tryst. And this Chrysler Van pulls up – I'd been forewarned.
Got four doors.
Bumps up comically on the curb, really.
And Jim and Dave in the front, with Jeff and me now in the back, will make a infinite loop of cosmic spark. - Jack Vaughan

Metropolis my Lionel Set

Metropolis, my Lionel set
Grim patriot city in the basement 
Of my dream.
Spooling out with your chutes of Subways
and little slaloms  of Ribboned Trucking Road.
Lets freeze frame the whole thing 
and Like Johnnie Williams sing
Let's do it in slow motion now
In the city of the future
that I must traverse.
- Jack Vaughan, Mar 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blow, storm

This is an interesting bit about staging Shakespeare. What I like about it is the way the stagehands describe their art. Their job is to conjure a storm, and part of the art is to leave leave space for the actors and the audience. Another part of the art is to leave aural room, that is, to leave space for the storm to grow. This reminds me of Jelly Roll Morton admonition not to fill the glass full. If you fill it full, you cant add more. Works across all of the arts. - Jack Vaughan

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Smiling Jack's ReadumUndWeep

Great Greek poet Sappho's new found writings.

@JackIVaughan: At statue of great labor organizer A Phillip Randolph - BackBay Stn Boston

Astronomers see supernova split into 4 images by a cosmic lens. Details from UCLA:

Quantum Error Clarificiation

It is hard to say if quantum computing has come very far since its inception in the 1990s. In recent years Lockheed and government funded D-Wave efforts gave rise to notion that commercialization was nearing, which is probably not the case. One issue is the qubits that form the core memory elements are error prone. A recent advance in Quantum error correction proves both that useful work is underway and that we still have a long ways to go. Google's interest hardly betokens looming commercialization. - Jack Vaughan Related Links

I am learning about Machine learning

The Strata conference is different. Being a mix of data management products, data analytics tutorials, and out of the box cutting edge data science.  Many features under the one big tent. For a couple of years runningSQL on Hadoop, technology that brings familiar SQL query methods to Hadoop has been a major theme. That is because there is already an infrastructure of SQL based reports in corporations, ones that would like to tap into the mostly unstructured Hadoop that industry has given so much attention to. What struck me this year was the many tools working in the area of analytic machine learning - and I wrote about it in a SearchDataManagement story.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Pensive Packer Patriots Ponderings

I still love the Packers, but every year I have to pray they dont play the Pats, especially in the SuperBowl. (For Peter Bochner)

Don Hudson, End, Packers, Racine, Wis.
I still love the Packers, but every year I have to pray they dont play the Pats, especially in the SuperBowl.

Because I love Tom Brady and the Pats too.

My friends from Wisconsin, who are in Calif. but cant remember when they were cheering for Joe Montana, so they put me down, but they still love me for who I am, fortunately. But they get a kick out of calling me a traitor. For being honest.

When the Pats played the Packers this year I just sat there with my  mouth opened looking left then right then left. I cheered for the football, because I could not remember which was my team.

I was wearing a Packer hat when Jake and I saw the first half of that game v Seahawks. But I felt that they left at least  7 points if no more on the table by kicking on 4th instead of going for it in the first half. But they were off to a great start.

Wo but how could they miss a fake punt, flub an off side kick, and slide on an interception (or kick I forget) when they should have been playing aggressively and smartly as long as the clock was ticking. I blame the coach - these guys were far less schooled, disciplined and ready to play than the Patriots, who triumped (barely, but manfully) v the same Ubermen of Seattle in the big one.

But we Pats people know what Pete Carroll is capable of, dont we?

I saw my old buds in S.F. two weeks ago, and we watched the classic interception of Butler (over and over - w me filling in all the tidbit details only Pats people have come to clutch - "a year ago he was working at Popeyes!") - and they were still solemn (because they'd come to loathe the Seahawks, they'd been pulling for Pats) and getting able to admit that the Pats - I mean Pack - were not ready for that one. Gee but Aaron Rogers did his part in pain I must say.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunrise at the Pilgrim I Power Plant, Plymouth Mass, March 24, 1979

There is a picture around here somewhere Cecelia took of me drinking CocaCola. We were coming back from the Cape, with the late Paul Miley. Here I render what I saw as my pic was taken. Lucky to be anywhere. - Jack Vaughan

Tempus Fuggit

Bush Era Daylight Saving continues into late Obama Innings. Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast. The electric motor was speaking to me from the sludge pile kitchen drawer.