Sunday, February 02, 2014

A superbowl half time dream I dreamed again

A superbowl half time dream I dreamed Oh boy Lord buckeley Horray for snodgrass It was great! Im doing a review of the alternative super bowl half time show It dint happen But god There they were The big rodeo cowboys came in It was such a gas There were the boggs There was The street singers rube wadell and Trudell pitched in too – john trudell with the whole sick crew With kevin costner playing the part of rube in a graveyard of odd shaped footballs Hitting flyballs to britney spears Where Mouths were agape How would they react to leonard cohen in fact? When he started doing sail on ship of state america And that world wearniness kicked in like a zamboni driver on a cake It just grew and grew up from the lungs And all the particpants were wondering some Katos were flying and the holy modals sang ah lordy my man And then came the South Mississippi All Star Marching Band With the North Mississipi All Stars too Their knees pumping Their heads rocking In unison in lines doing Alabama jubilee! There was some heckofagood Advertisments But we will never forget John sinclair Paying tribute to houston stackhouse Blind lemon jefferson played by refrigerator perry At the super bowl half time show that I want to see It was in a hopper and on the fence Some may say director scorcese’s direction was Over tHe top and too much self referential but what do they know I’d say nay save for the segment with irish coffins uploading at a civil war port Yes that drew A few Boos Heck it was too frigging funny But robert deniros apearance as the boxer jake la motta again with britany spears in tow While the slim whitman (see below) float’s chorttle began to waft The love song of the waterfall that beat the martians
That stuff Qualmed the crowd With Eye candy for the ear Beyonce upon The genetic engineering float With espn ticker playing infuries laterally A sculpture of Rosalind frankilin aboard as well Made completely of tawainese styrofoam Singing on the float a message to you ruthie the reconstituted specials fronted by shane macgown and millie small backed further by the horns of the skatellites Da-da-dat-da-dat-da Da-da-dada-lat. - Jack Vaughan 2005
Being at - the alternate superbowl halftime show

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