Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Will Be Back In The Spring.

I discovered this in the basement. It bears resemblance to I Will See You In The Spring done by The Memphis Jug Band although it appears to be from another planet. It also bears resemblance to Fare The Well which I knew from Paul Rishell [or one of the other members of a one-time aggregation known as The J Band] which I have just learned was done by Bluesman Joe Callicott, but which I have heretofore incorrectly associated with Pink Anderson.

Which makes me think of the late Fritz Richmond but which lead me to note that Jim Kweskin played in Sommerville last week, and Geoff Muldar in Hingham last weekend. Darn but I missed both of them.

We have been disucussing/wondering about the name of the artists? Jr Vaughan has been suggested. Could it be Blind Lemon Pledge? What about Ramblin Arnold [The Oringal Louisville Bardic Lipster]? Thoughts and comments are appreciated. By the way

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