Thursday, May 22, 2008

Titanic Transmission Clothesline Saga

Our Memorial Day Special: When we were working on the Titanic Transmissions Monograph, spent some time in Jeff Hull's studio, where he had all these great drawings hanging on clothesline. Jacob took pics, I put them in a slide show, filmed that, put music too it, and posted via Blogger. If you can guess the names of the duo playing the music to accompany the video, you can go into a drawing to win a copy of Sunnyland Blues. Use the comment capability of the fabulous blog mechanism.


Anonymous said...

looks good jack. you should post on youtube as well.

have been listening to a lot of sunnyland slim on pandora.

jeff the younger

Jack Vaughan said...

Thanks Jeff. I really dont understand why it is not on YouTube in that I did it on my blog on Blogger which is owned by Google which owns YouTube. Headed to Florida, hope to get to Cape Canaveral, will try to do the YouTube host when I get back. Maybe: This Summer: Another family cookout: and I can play you some audio of Slim talking. He talked just as good as he sang!