Thursday, September 28, 2017

Some small poems

Lone bird
It's blues

As summer
Gets hotter - 
The conversation
Is more

And big jets
Of endless commerce
Scarf up what's left
of the sky.


I'm a bygone day
cant go to the hardware
and  keep from crying


skunk in the garden
known for its spray
wakes me at night
and tells me to turn
each fan on exhaust

i saw its other side
skunk rooting
low and prehistoric
tending to the earth
slow moving
like a sloth

i have never
such patience
would like to be so calm and cool

for now i
tend to
the sky.


(After Apollinaire's "Pretty Red Head" )

Pale, fragile
ruddy red haired girl

and dark nomad-eyed
friend girl

in black

they stand close by 
the big box
of silver needs
at the 

held by a magnetism 
i am thinking
mysticism too. 

- Asa Wentoff-Juan Mourning, 2009


Swimming lessons

The farmboys would send
their dogs on me -
as I rode my Schwinn on
the road -
where the cabbage
were humming.
(Pua Sadinia)

I came upon a waterfall
on the beautiful island
Light flowed through the greenery
on a flower like a diamond.

John the Revelator, great advocator
Get's 'em on the battle of Zion
Lord, tellin' the story, risin' in glory
Cried, "Lord, don't you love some I"
Well Moses to Moses, watchin' the flock[13]
Saw the bush where they had to stop[14]
God told Moses, "Pull off your shoes"[15]
Out of the flock, well you I choose[16]


Morn blues

I just remembered | 
that it's election day | 
So I bop on down behind the church | 
n vote for Tito Jackson

From the train I saw | 
radio tower disappear | 
it's top in cloudy mist - 
Next stop Waban  


On leaving my Aunt Gert's burying

Gert's car - a gold Buick -
My dad had her sign over 
On just about her death bed
To me.

It was really small fare
for the care he gave her
on her way out the turnstile.

And - tho not as hip
as her previous SS like Skylark -
it was choice.

almost literally 
only been used to go
to church. There
in Harwichport.

Gert's car - refused to start
on the sunny day that 
I was leaving her burying.

Did my cousin  or me
jump the starter 
with a screwdriver?

I don’t know - but 
t'was a chuckle and a back shiver
as the old gold Buick started
and we held wonderment 
at ghostly electricity

the graveyard 

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