Sunday, February 19, 2017

Everything was art and fun all the time

Below Jeff is with Bob Ganong, artist and friend. Jeff had created a paper Mache squid for the Daily Catch restaurant - they'd surreptitiously conveyed his paintings to his Bromfield Gallery opening, during the '78 Blizzard martial law. 

And Jeff paid back with squid to hang on their wall. Several of us carried it down Hanover
St., as in a Madi Gras parade, one March morning

It is possible to see a poem I wrote on the event attached - it
recalls a man, encountering sea urchins for sale in baskets on the street. 

Squid Day
how long I aint seen these 
- like this I used to eat - 
sea urchins on Hanover Street.
-Jack Vaughan

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