Sunday, January 01, 2017

Remembering The Children's Library

The Children's Library was such a nice little place. A feast of pictures and words. Big print! And in the stacks they had old Popular Science and Popular Mechanics and all. (And stacks were good for making out with my girlfriend who worked upstairs. The meetings were fun until one of them old librarians chanced upon a tryst. Enough of that! nicely said Supervisor) One night (one night only) they assigned me to cover the Bookmobile as it was stationed on Melvin Ave. Had one patron. Remember that. The books on wheels idea was, well it was like the Internet! On Friday nights while J.S. read at the desk I reinforced and glue bound childrens' periodicals and discarded withdrawn childrens’ books (cutting out good drawings and so on for future ref). - Jack Vaughan

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