Sunday, January 01, 2017

Eulogy for Aunt Claire

Claire Hickey Roche was born on an August day in 1920 into the household of Lawrence and Katherine Hickey who'd come over from Ireland. With Lonnie, John,  and Mary, they lived in Brighton on Corey Rd and elsewhere. Claire was first to be born in a hospital perhaps. The others at home. Kate still did some work as a domestic, Lawrence was conductor on the trolleys, and she and my mother would meet him at the end of the day at the end of his run. I've seen a picture of little Claire on a pony – they'd trot them around the neighborhood so the kids could have their pictures taken. I have a picture of Claire with her sister, my mother, and their mother, who's my grandmother. It's like the 1940s, you can imagine the big radio, and the swing music, and Claire is smiling, a young girl with the future ahead. As the other children went off, as far as Hawaii and Japan, Claire stayed home with mother Katherine, after her father's passing.  That was a bit tough, no doubt, but I will always remember that she had a smile. Something like 40 years at the first national bank of Boston… I'd stop by the teller booth. and she was smiling. And then to find Barry Roche for a partner for life. Surrounded by the porcelain and the great books in Salem and in Marblehead. In Salem, living next to the cemetery. The neighbors are quiet she told me. Up in Marblenhead. Then, cards, swimming, church. calling my mom dutifully. Beauty by the pond. Again and again coming to the church. Through her difficult paralysis, she had such courage. She remained Claire. With a smile. Now she's with Barry, her mother, father and brothers. Anyone who just knew her knew she brought beauty and care and love and happiness to the world. The road could be hard, but she could see a better day.- Jack Vaughan

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