Saturday, January 14, 2017

A day on the Web and radio

10 am - Listen to John Faney - write poem

5pm - I pick the horse that places, Art Sherman's SceneStealer.

7 pm - Cook Japanese Curry Stew Thing

8 pm - Comment on big thing I learned recently... that is... Sir Tim Berners-Lee-My thought: WWW unleashed massive scale - and that is changing course of human evolution. Also recall WWW inventer Tim Berners-Lee is one of the famous people that I met (or saw) - I ran up and questioned him after a conf keynote in Boston at Hynes. All flustered was I. Send the question via email he said, it is much better for clarity. So true, not least of all because he talks fast. I saved the email- it's around here somewhere...

8:30 pm - Forgo Pats playoff game, and listen to Symphony live on FM radio.

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