Sunday, February 28, 2016

Moon Traveller for Week of Feb 29 - Future Fax, Wonder Woman Feedback, Looking Back at BB, and Birds

Futurism in Reverse: Fax You Too!

The facsimile machine festered for many years, finding use in very narrow niches, like diplomatic transmissions, until it arose as an alternative to the FedEx man in the 1980s. This picture shows a 1930s notion- to deliver the news to the home over the airwaves - sort of a harbinger of videotext and the World Wide Web.

Feedback: Don't Lie to Me, Wonder Woman

A recent book by Jill Lepore, The Secret Life of Wonder Woman, looks at the life of the super amazon's weirdo creator. In his time he was a bit of a social revolutionary and polygamist.And a polygraphist, which is where feeback enters the story.


Blues View: BB hits the big road

Pretty early I saw the guitar roots of Michael Bloomfield. BB on ABC. I would go back home and pretend I was BB (me 'playing' a tennis racket'). There is a lot of rumination on trust and lack thereof in his songs. Funny to say but for 17-year-old Jack it had a very high resonance. Sweet 16 is my favorite throughout many version.


 Birds is the Word

Starting a new regular series on MoonTraveller. Dont know whether to call it Birds' Words, Blue and Red; Talking Birds, Bird Talk... thoughts?

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