Friday, August 14, 2015

Ode on Jeff Hull Northeastern Installation 2015

I be in my car
in the morning going to work
I be in my car
in the morning going to work
when i should chance upon
a great installation of art.

I went down the old avenue.
Up where the Red Sox used to play.
When Cy Young was the all-star.
And Roosevelt was the dominating blade.
I'd drive by drive by dirive by.
And my eyes would start to play

I am sending you a big telegram in a rosy bygone song 
Within a perished kaleidoscope upon old Nessie's tail.

Seeing a:

Spinning rock wheel in Navajo Abyss;
Blue Notes dripping from a Skinny Guitar Being of Plasma;
Capt America – Serialized – Stigmaticized – Blooped and –Shim Sham Shimmicized;
Paisley Hulk rising dour in a cascade of loggerheads on Phoam beyond the Date of Expiration:
Night hawk eye eyeing confetti prey;
Amoebas Osmosing Amber, Fluffy marshmellow man on fi-o;
Dirigibles colliding with ferris wheels in Eiffel's vortex the horror
The bliss in the labyrinth of Paregoric Strata; and,
A comic custard Pie of Thorns just looking for an Arbuckle.

And more
dont you know
I keep on driving
in the morning going to work

It did me no harm
all i know is in a song
I would dream an inky fluid
of the essential march of time
of a fun house maze of mirrors
of metamorphism ready and unending.

- Jack Vaughan, August 2015

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