Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pynchon Promo for Inherent Vice

Recently found a trove of Pynchonian trivia. It all started when I realized it was him talking on this promo

If you're driving south from LA International it should take no more than a hit or two off of your favorite brand of cigarette before you're right here, in Gordita Beach, California. Well, no, actually, this used to be the beach. Later on, all this is gonna go highrise, high-rent, high intensity. But right now, back in 1970, what it is is just HIGH. An ounce of Mexican Commercial should run you no more than ten dollars - that's with the seeds and stems, of course.....
For a trove of YouTube Pynchon, dial
The bong goodbye - Brightlightsfilm

Funny but - People lay the Manson Family's vicious Tate-LaBianca murders to drugs, delinquency and diaspora – in that Charles Manson could arise from a bereft underworld, use LSD as a salve, and manipulate young girls casting about in the late 1960s in California. Funny but there are parallels between LSD and the Internet, at least as drawn by author Thomas Pynchon in Inherent Vice, for example. The Internet predecessor, ARPAnet, is described as "like acid, a whole 'nother strange world –time, space, all that shit," by Fritz, Doc's lawyer in the book, soon to was a major motion picture. Bunny fut, the newspaper today covers the investigation into Charleston killings of five black churchgoers and a minister. And one could ask: Could this be part of a plot? Could a supremacist podcaster be directing like a Manson the action? What is the nature of conspiracy in the age of Internet? How does it change the historical shadow game? - Jack Vaughan

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Jack Vaughan said...

Funny too that, if you click on 'next blog' on the Blogspot bar...above.. you are very likely to go to a religious blog. Technology is supposed to be like magic, right? Why not spirituality?

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