Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Newspaper of the Future


(THE JUGBAND SPECIAL - Onyx Water, Kansas) A guy reading a paper at a bar today is a slug from prehistory. But give that same guy a cell phone to read this paper and he melts into the crowd. That is how stupid civilization is, you know? I like to spread out the paper and eyeball the pictures, captions, headlines and pull quotes .. with a Bud. The conceit here is that I am a master of the universe in the world of ideas.

If you keep up with the raw technology advances (and have to give eternal credit to Steve Jobs for all the 'small' advances he packed into the iPod) you can visualize a sheet of foldable paper something on the order of a kindergarten roll blanket that would be backlit and would receive the paper from the ether. It is the mass of paper that is challenging the news business you know. I bought some newsprint sketch pad at CVS and it cost about the same as a daily paper with all its content and advertising. It would not share the resemblance to a Faberge Egg which an iPhone enjoys..but it would be somewhat hip.

Alternatively would be something on the order of 

!direct transmission of signals between the Daily Planet news room and the city's human brains!

as we saw discussed by UW researchers earlier this week in the august Washington Post. Listen up Bezos! Take a hint from my patented Newspaper of the Future schema depicted above. Ill back up the truck and you shuffle the money. It's the Ink talking!

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