Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three dreams of heaven in life have I

I have three dreams of heaven in my life. Three dreams of heaven in life have I.

The first one was in '57 inside the Johnson Wax Building. Flip flop and frank Lloyd. Night and the watchman; linoleum, and shepherds tended flocks on clouds. Sky King was signing autographs. I wanna be there. 

For two set the wayback for '73 when I lived in New York For Yankees, era of  Mike Kekich and Fritz Petersen. But first go back further. A young boy travelling at night. There was this hospital all lit on a palisade. My father said: That is the hospital where Babe Ruth died. I transpose William Bendix nearing heaven, with strings. Later, getting ready to leave the city, with Watergate brewing...I had a dream that Heaven was Yankee Stadium, I was either talking with Babe Ruth or looking at his plaque in centerfield. In the field of play, with a monument in the ground rules.*

For number 3, not so much to heaven .. but the afterlife rather. I was getting a personal check okay'd at Calumet Market , a small old-style food supermarket in Brigham Circle; Max, who passed the judgment on checks, played the part of was Jehovah. Max was fair, but it was not easy to get him to ok a check, and that has been a model for my connection to the deity since that long gone time.

*Got to explain the prehistory on this Babe in heaven became ingrained. When I was a boy we were driving at night - part of a long trip. There was this hospital all lit on a palisade. My father said: That is the hospital where Babe Ruth died. I looked in awe. Maybe I found a jolt of connection to The Babe Ruth Story, with William Bendix. Was there a death bed scene? I can imagine one, with strings, soft focus. Angels humming. Chester A. Riley in the form of Babe Ruth going to paradise.

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