Thursday, July 04, 2013

From the Vaults: SpySmasher, July 4, 2006

Spysmasher Serial

Spysmasher was a serial I saw, one afternoon, spliced together to make a movie, not long after I’d seen the Batmen of Africa. I took notes. As it turns out, Spysmasher was one of the most notable un-noted serials, marked by its incredible movement. Acme of cliff hanging.

Spysmasher -- in goggles -- caught.
There hanging -- crucified-like – in a dungeon.
He won’t talk. He is executed.

He is still alive. The French Resistance colonel is happy
to meet him in his coffin.

A sea plane across the clouds. A steam locomotive is
superimposed on a map of state-divided America.

He meets the head of the SS asking for a match
near Waterville Junction.

After the fight, the Spysmasher is saved by his
twin brother Allen, who wasn’t killed
in a plane crash over France.

The Corby Estate.
Someone just came into the drive.

Allen approaches in a a plane, goggles, leather skull hat.
Spysmasher jumps out – parachutes.

The two gangsters attack the head of Naval Intelligence.

“Open the safe”
“I’ll do noting of the sort.”

“Good going dad”
“Shall I work him over?”

“Not him”
“I’ll open it”

Spysmasher ballet moves into the house
- like a leaping lizard.
Jack is there to thwart the hold up
The mine chart of Shark Bay…


Through goggles he looks at the speedboat.
Until he’s fouled his propeller.

The gangsters smoke cigars as
the buoys of counterfeit money are loaded.

The boys are in the cove – cellar.
With electronics on the wall, and they
drop down the pole to the sewer.

A mustachioed dude runs things.
As Spysmasher gets a clue.
The two brothers go to Admiral Corby
- a roast beef sandwich and a cup of coffee.

How’s everything downstairs?

We brought enough of that stuff to blow all the tea in China.

A case of grenades are put in the car… more

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