Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fragmentary Ida Blues

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Fragmentary Ida - was a bad backslider. 
but like a sentence fragment. I was partial to her.

Fragmentary Ida - Didnt have no heart -
in fact she was missing 
a suitcase full of parts.

Ida would come and Ida would go.
Which part would be missing -
you would never know.

Fragmentary Ida - came to me in a dream.
I was sorting through the hardware -
heard somebody call her name.

Late one night. Ida come home.
Boys are playing coon can,
coon can craps and poker. 

I was holding two eights.
and fumbling with the Joker.

She takes off her falsies puts them in the bureau.
She straps off her prostheic leg, 
now she's purring 'yoo-hoo'

She takes off her black wig,
one glass eye goes in the secretary.
with the good one she winks 
its past your bedtime honey

Oh Ida I dont know.
dont you think me lesser.
do I jump in the bed with you?
Or should it be the dresser.

Fragmentary Ida you will be together
on that wild judgment day
when eyes and arms and legs display
in clouds of pieces fully splayed
and parts roll round like thunder blades
and disunity's rent asunder, babe.

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