Friday, July 26, 2013

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My podcast work seems to go diaspora. Here is an attempt well after the fact to try  and trawl  them in in fits and starts.- Jack Vaughan (Below, with Mark Brunelli at left.)(Photo: Emma Snider)

Big Data and Hadoop at TDWI 2013 - At the 2013 TDWI World Conference and BI Executive Summit in Las Vegas, speakers and attendees chewed over some of the meatiest trends and hottest technologies in the business intelligence and data warehousing market. With Craig Steadman and Scot Peterson.

Dr. Goodnight on Big Data, or I cover the waterfront - SAS LASR In-Memory Analytics Server software discussed by SAS CEO Jim Goodnight and Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Davis discussed during an interview at waterfront hotel in Boston with SearchDataManagement.

Who put the doop in the Hadoop File System? - SearchDataManagement News Editor Jack Vaughan recently attended the Information Builders Summit 2013 User Conference in Orlando, Fla., as well as Red Hat Summit 2013 in Boston and GraphConnect Boston in Cambridge, Mass. With Mark Brunelli.

I cant stop talking about Hadoop - Just like #Java stood for > language, #Hadoop is coming to stand for whole style of #data #dev . #hadoopsummit with Maxine Giza. 

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