Sunday, May 05, 2013

From the Vaults: On a sunny Derby Day

On a sunny Derby Day
the East Side
up by the pagoda-looking gas station
around 1971
got lost

got lost just
a few blocks from home.

Saw these placed
I had never seen before
the brown faces that
I knew from the buses.

let's see
how's this
going to go?

And kids came out
climbing over rubble
singing "hippies in town"
singing "hippies in town"

me and dave and jim did
a sort of 
cold tremble
seemed like sirens
everywhere in the air
we were over the milwaukee river
and when a car engine would start
it was like a slow explosion
as we found our way

back to the well-known
main drag
east ogden ave

on Mission Hill
with many in their graves
but not the 3 musketters

and there is an old hippie
fellow traveller playing

I'm a Little Mixed Up
Key to the Highway
Cool it Down
First I look at the Purse
Dead Flowers
Im Ready.
-Jack Vaughan

alt version from 2008

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