Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Hits Of

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-WALLSTREET PART OF TOWN – Ry Cooder - Does Ry Cooder get revenge on Stones’ theft of Honkytonk womae here? Who knows? He shows what he can do with a rock riff that will kill. It is a tribute to the Wall Street Occupiers (seems like ancient history, but was just a mere year ago). From a concept album. But this is beyond concept.

-NORTH SIDE GAL – J.D. McPhersen – He is a reformed punk I hear tell. I dig the sound cause, well it brings back Little Richard. I understand they did this all analog. There truly is something about the sound, it is of the studio era of 1948 – 1960 –when the art was high. By the way, I am from the North Side, myself.

- COME ON BACK JESUS – Willie Nelson. A take on the world gone mad. It’s getting real hairy.  Time to call the cavalry. “C’mon back Jesus and pick up John Wayne on the way. The world its gone crazy and seems to get worse every day. Time to take off the gloves - they just don’t want peace anymore. C’mon back!” Also more than immortal on this lp: “Roll me up and smoke me when I die.”

- MY LAST DAYS ON EARTH – David Grisman. His tribute record to Bill Monroe. I had this by Bill and lost it somehow along the way. Don’t know if it is in release now. David Grisman’s take is fine. Kind of heavy sonar. As with many remakes the effort was to focus a bit more on one aspect of the number. So it is over slow. Anyway it is faithful in a nice way.

- DUSQUESNE WHISTLE – Bob Dylan - gets Carbondale in there, that is interesting, that down needed a booster shot. Not a big step past his more recent CDs – except that there are two immensely great things on the lp this came from : Tempest (about Titanic) and Roll on John. The latter evokes John Lennon in every breath (and beat) , and could only have been done by a superior poet like Bob.

- WATCHING THE LATE LATE SHOW – The Fondas - Don Covay’s Watching the Late Late Show was the B-side of Sookie Sookie. And it had always evoked Dr Cadavarino and Elvira and nugatory time. Couldn’t find it by Don, but found the Fondas did it in 2012. These guys might be from Detroit. Hell if I know nuthin about the Fondas. But at least we got a girl singer in the list here, yknow!?

- THE HEROIC WEATHER-CONDITIONS OF THE UNIVERSE – Alexandre Desplat - This movie has to be seen in theatres: Moonlight Kingdome. Mostly Ben Brittain and Hank Williams. Got that/ This out-tro owest something to the Bonzo Dog Band and their riff on the key of A. Who had to be where? “Thank you very much for listening!”

- FARMER JOHN -   Doug Sahm – Well Doug left us with a cold on the road…but.. here he is through the miracle of media from Stockholm one night out there on that cold road – calling the sound guy for the drummer’s mike (x3) - when he was playing with Rocky Morales, Fran  Cristina, his son Shawnie and others – but released in 2012 – so it fits our format - doing the Tex-Mex Tome Farmer John. “Farmer John, I’m in love with your daughter. The one with the champagne eyes.” God bless-ee, Dougie, where eber thou art there is art!

- DIM LIGHTS, THICK SMOKE – Dwight Yokum – Try to ignore the crazy Yokum whooping hiccups. I like the screams. This is a great update on the song I know best by Lester and Earl (but Vern Gosdin and Joe Maphis and others would be prior). Member: Rock n roll will not necessarily save your soul. But it can shake your libido.

-THE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN – Jimmy Cliff - Another take on the world gone mad. But damn essential. Jimmy Cliff walked out of history to sing and create on the top notch in the year 2012 of our lord. Don’t let people tell you he is retired. My friend saw him play at Oracle World. And check out the sound of this – my fave rave of the year past- which coulda-woulda hit pay dirt in any damn time ever. “They say the world is spinning around, I say the world is upside down!” 

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