Saturday, September 29, 2012

Link Wray:Take me home Jesus

Reading Andy Williams obit - did you know he sang in To Have and Have Not (Lauren Bacall lip synched) and Robert Kennedy's Funeral? - was taken back to the days when his estranged French show girl wife killed a skier boy friend named Spider. Andy stood by her, and the Rolling Stones did a song about it that was news to me. Watch them foreign entanglements. Love hurts!

Madison Blues
Peter Green was great but the band was still hot after he left, as two dynamite guitar players remained. I have a bunch of versions of this, but heck I think this-n with Christine Perfect on Wurlizter lectric pnl has the most rocking venom! Madison blues. and I had it there too.

Take me home Jesus
Just found this - another side of Link. He went up into the mountains, as many did then (in this case, Maryland mountains). And he showed some blues and Native roots, and took a sign from the Band, maybe by way of Elton John and Leon Russel, and really did something different and notable. Jesus, help me.

Everynight about this time
You may know this from Magic Sam - I dont know if this is the original, but it predates Sam's version. Everynight about this time (I go to sleep to keep from crying) by the Fat Man - Fats Domino! Get ready to get down.

Hawaiian Boogie
Should we get up for the out-tro? Yup! This is one they left of the Descendants soundtrack: Hawaiian Boogie by the ultimate slide man: Elmore James. The connection between Hawaiian music and blues slide is a muddy one. Some say that Hawaiian bands trooping vaudeville style through the American South transferred the knowledge to blues and gospel blues men. It was the Portugeese cowboys that brought the guitar to Hawaii it is said. That's all for today.If I go to Hawaii -wont be back.

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As Peter at the Busy Bee would say: MooooooooooooooooooooooSSSSSSSSSaaaaaaaaaaaaKaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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Anonymous said...

Link Wray number as described on Pandora..

basic rock song structures
a subtle use of vocal harmony
mild rhythmic syncopation
acoustic rhythm piano
mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation
major key tonality
a prominent mandolin part
acoustic rhythm guitars
prominent organ
prominent percussion
romantic lyrics

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