Saturday, April 07, 2012

dr ransil's garage

dr ransil's garage
in mission hill
back in the cold war
a race of cowboys
lived underground

they were hydrogenated cowboys
flew b-47s

they were
on call
serious cigarette smokers

had a hotline to
the nike base
hotrods and ransil functions
in their basements

i coulda heard their chatter
on my quaker oats crystal radio

all they wanted was the news
the sapphire realization of impermanence

and they got what they could
looking out from
the hole
in the ground
on the hill

you could get there through
dr ransil's garage
if you could
calculate the function

chrome smoke still rises
on the phantom empire below
tombstone city shapes gray

search lights probe
the dark background
of time

Gene - the singing cowboy
with his cavalry legion
ever on the way. - Jack Vaughan, April 2012

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