Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sanders at centenary tribute to Charles Olson 2010


Got to Worcester for centenary tribute to poet Charles Olson. Was late to the late show – always get lost in Worcester- but saw the last part of Ed Sanders’ reading.

Good stuff. With his Strum Stick. Doing Doggtown. Loose Peach Gown. How Sweet I Roamed. Transcendeary!

There is a record out now: Be Free – The Fugs Final CD (Part 2) … gasp!

Get it! Not because it is the last one. Get it because Ed does the Loose Peach Gown Song, and The Laughing Song. And Tuli (remember him selling little broadsides on the N.Y. street) does Greenwich Village of My Dreams (a great moment in 21st Century Surrealism)plus Backward Jewish Soldiers. New and in the tradition. You will need time to relax with this. So start with the paean to relaxation: Goofitude. Today NPR had a nice review of Be Free that included comments of college mate Larry Sloman. Audio and text.

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