Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lazing on this sunny afternoon

About ready to take a summer vacation. Will post a 'greatest hits' of the last 12 months. [Geez, just had a durn podcast blow up in my face [wouldn’t move from one machine to another - it was cool; it was called Experiment in Abstraction - it discussed hillbilly hipsters, the King, and the Kinks.

In the meanwhile, I will travel a bit, hike. Will fool around with Facebook. At work asked to ratchet up social mdeia effort so I am a twit on twitter. Might revive RJ-11 science blog for experimental purposes. Service-Oriented Software Architecture - if you didn’t know - is a big part of my time, and this is a good time to focus effort there - while, as I said, doing some vacating. Most key: Have an important electronic music history project that needs fruition. -Jack Vaughan

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