Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dancing with the News

I am in a dance forever with the news. I try to slow down or give it up. Conflagraton brings it to fever. The stock markets are unpredictable now and sectors are melting. And there I am at the news counter. Gotta have it.

And here on page A22 are the Rosenberg boys - then and now - in one of those stories that plays on and on - this is a very sad picture, the folks are about to be executed - one wearing a Dodgers shirt and riding a rocking horse like mine; other reading the Daily News; healine: SPIES GET 1 MORE DAY - and Sam Roberts' story is called "Rosenbergs' Sons Sadly Accept That Father Was a Spy" - whew! Appartenly Martin Sobell on his way to a Better Place has let the world in on some factual details of long ago.

It seem pretty clear for a long time that David Greenglass was doing what he could for the World Congress of Communism Cause, and was in cahoots with Julius Rosenberg - that Klaus Fuchs was working his butt off too - that the Ruskies were capabble of some pretty clever nuclear engineering .. Ceclia says they were picked out for their Jewishness .. I think Italians might have had as hard a time, especially given the gunky international conspiracy they'd saddled up into..
Cecelia usta work in the microfiche room and would give people replicas [you'd have to wait until they dried] of the New York Times on the day they were born...

On the day I was born, the Rosenbergs were on trial. Was an Irish judge. My take is I was born under Cold War Star. That NYTImes Front page of that Day was my place of origin, as much as the paradise physical place of Honolulu. There was jellied gasoline [napalm] in Korea (Emphasis:more insane living through chemical technology], the Shah of Iran getting boosted, and the Rosenbergs.

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