Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chronicles, 45-60

Who are the extras? I have to ask
the odd intoxicant morning of trains.
The crowd streams forward - the Sparrow auto-mo-nauts
in a Greek chorus blood quest
between me and the local to Greenbush.

They are filming a movie in Boston’s South Station.
With Robert DeNiro and Jesus Mel Gibson.
The extras are overdressed. It gradually occurs to us.
They are wearing trench coats. Soldiering in steps.
For them it’s not Saturday morning.

Who are the extras?
I have to ask.
They are immortal and brief, practiced in unhurriedness.
You go here says the director - Track 13 says my conductor.

Who are the extras? I ask picking up a paper.
DeNiro has left the Edge of Darkness.
Says the Saturday Herald.

1 comment:

Jack Vaughan said...

Bob quit this movie a day or two later.

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