Friday, December 28, 2007

Year’s Best: Checking up on My Baby by Mick Jaegger

Maybe you can point to Link Wray or someone else. But there is a certain fuzz bass sound that I associate with Chicago, especially a period of Muddy Waters’. It was a raunchy discovery of electronic music, and it was taken from the Chess labs and leveraged by – made them, really - the Rolling Stones in the Triad of Last Time, Satisfaction and Get Off my Cloud.

So it is weird but it is this type of sound that animates this year’s Checking on My Baby by Mick Jaegger. It’s on a greatest collection, and I believe, just laid in the vaults for a dozen years. – but it is great stuff, and makes you wonder what could have been if the Rolling Stones had missed the stadium and arena era and remained a bar band.

Mick pays homage to the original Sonny Boy on this. I think he did this with some L.A. blues band in the ‘90s – hell if I know. Perfect slurs and careful misdiction and stutters. It is out there! I hope he didn’t bust a button on his trousers during the making of this small epic.

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