Friday, December 14, 2007

Window on Don

Had occasion writing about Zappa and was trying to visualize the young Capt. Beefhart. Remember the lyrics sheet on Trout Mask Replica? With Don young in school portrait looking like Jerry Mathhers? That’s the guy! Took a look at that and realized again what a blues surrealist he was – cause I read through some of those lyrics here’s a sample from She’s Too Much for My Mirror.

Ole Chicago she’s uh woman thata
Make uh young man uh bum
She howls like the wind
Make m’ heart grow cold
Make me long for that little red fum!

She make things fly ‘n she makes things roll
She got me way over here ‘n I’m hugry and cold
I remember m’ mother told be I oughta be choosey
That was way back when I thought she was m’ friend
Now I find out she’s uh floosey

- Portion of She’s Too Much For My Mirror by Don Van Vliet.

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