Sunday, November 25, 2007

In the time of American Gangster

Saw American Gangster. Ridley Scott movie staring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The scene is New York City during the War in Vietnam, at the time of haute pimp culture and Ali-Fraser. Very apt depiction. You can go back to this time and place and come back unscathed due to the wonder of film. Soundtrack included Across 110th St by Bobby Womack from the mostly forgotten movie of the same name. That was one of the weird things about living in NYC during this era, if you listened to Frankie Crocker – you heard the soundtracks from the new Blacksplotation Cinema [Across 110ts St, SuperFly, Shaft] and it became a soundtrack to the weird radio movie that early 70s NYC was. Today I pulled out some old 45s of that era.. [the movie covered 1968 to 1975~]

Hey Pockaway – The Meters, 1974
Where did your live go - Donnie Elbert, 1971?
Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye, 1971
Groove Me - King Floyd, 1971?
Mighty High - Mighty Clouds of Joy, 1975
My Honey and Me - Luther Ingram, 1969
Put it Where You Want It - The Crusaders, 1972
Tired of Being Alone -Al Green, 1971?
Spanish Key - Miles Davis, 1971?
Slow Motion - Johnny Williams, 1972

[Gee, it being thanksgiving, I remember Thanksgiving 1972 on the Lower East Side with Dave Murray, Jeff DeMark (maybe passing through), Jim Raab (visiting)and Don Owens (also visiting). We bought a turkey, and similar, and I went down to Second Ave to the coffee shop and used the pay phone to get turkey cooking directions for my mother. The Packers played the Lions, Jon Brokington had quite a day, but I’d recall us losing. But it was a warm feeling. We went up on the roof and took pictures on a camera I found in the basement of the drug strore I worked at. And none of them came out right. As the pic of Jim Raab here attests. All memories guaranteed 0% accurate]]

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