Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bill Gates at Harvard, 2007

Cecelia and I had a nice dinner one evening up at Harvard Sq not very long ago. The students were packing for summer. I remember looking at young people in a restaurant, many of them of the school, and thinking how privileged they were in health, training and connections. I don’t mean privileged in being snooty or anything like that because I didn’t see anything like that. In reading Bill Gates’s commencement speech I was heartened; not that I could articulate it earlier, but I thought a message of some kind somehow similar was needed. He noted that complexity was a problem at the time of the reformation of Europe after World War II, that George Marshall, he of the Marshall Plan, pointed out the difficulty individuals had in processing the mass of facts presented by press and radio at that time, pointed out in fact at a Harvard Commencement 60 years ago.


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