Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dylan Trivia

Was listening to old [1969~] Fairport Convention doing version of Dylan’s Million Dollar Bash. Now I’d always heard that song start out as

The big dumb blonde
With her wheel all gorged
And turtle that friend of hers
With his checks all forged …

Way Fariport does it is like so:

The big dumb blonde
With Gorgeous George
And turtle etc…

I check it on and that’s not what they have. They have something closer to mine

The big dumb blond
With her wheel in the gorge
And turtle etc…

Which makes more sense but loses the Rabelaisian [humorously satirical] blues vaudeville Americana double-entendra that suffuses The Basement Tapes. Still the Fairport take is interesting because Dylan’s Chronicles starts out with him at a Minn. Arena where Gorgeous George comes in with [atleast one] blond on his arm. And eyes young Bob as if to say you can take over any time. Which is also funny cause I remember him telling a very similar story when I think he got a Grammy Life Time Achievement Award. Except it wasn’t Gorgeous George who looked him in the eye but twas Buddy Holly.

No matter what..Happy Birthday Bob! He aint performing tonight, but a month from today its the Hershey Pavillion in Hershey, PA. Hey, if Keith Richards can play a pirate why cant you play Popeye?

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