Friday, March 09, 2007

Fewer old Bohemians - fewer young 'uns too school

St johnsRacine

Old St. John Nepomuk, Racine's Bohemian parish, which Irish Jack and brother Mike and Dave M., and others attended, is closing the school. The associated comment feed was pure Web 2.0 - vitrol drove all!

I made a comment - I recalled the playground..that seemed to shut down the buzz. It must be art!

Deracinated Jack wrote:Lunch. The playground. In winter, chopping at the ice with our shoe heels all recess long. Tackle topper. 8th Grade Boys storming across the iced snow. Early on, comparing lunches. Rich K. with sugar on butter on Wonder Bread. Another guy with butter on Graham Crackers sandwiched. [This was DairyLand!] Wondering if John P. would need two Twinkies today. Ineptly returning Mary G.'s kick ball back, hitting Patty McD by mistake. Dread when Mary says: "Nice Play, Brainzo."

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