Sunday, February 11, 2007

A note about a Web Service widget - RSS Include - and my feed about Racine..

This site's only widget...the RSS Include at Left ... went dark for a month or so. I dug into the RSS Include forums...and ...they did have an issue in Dec with their ISP not receiving their check for the hosting... but anyway..the thing has sprung back to is a chronicle of Deracination..things to do with Wisconsin.. go to to see what backed up when the widget went south... including news on Dr Little receiving recognition for his good the way, Racine's Barbara McNair, a friend of our friend, Savanah, died.

So anyway widgets going wiggy..what a notion! I remember very vividly having an opportunity to ask a question of Tim Berners-Lee [Inventor of the Web] years ago... the topic of the day was Web services.. at the time he was concerned about these Web services being out there and being called ut going a lot of was an issue he saw .. and one that really is out there now.

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Anonymous said...

I removed the widget this week [Feb 19]. No uproar? Anyway I thought it was replaceable by a new Factory Standard Google Blogger it works even worse than the old include .. actually doesnt work. But thank you Google for this space..

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