Sunday, December 10, 2006

At the Throne of the Third Heaven


Sweet little queen of spades
Strange little stone heart
A chestnut!
The architectural fragments
Of gone civilizations, like
The beaded silverware of a king
Now in a museum.
He’s got snakes on his dead
And Buddhist dancing girls
Surround him.


How different it looks
My second time in the throne
Of the third heaven

Last date
In the tin-foil palace
Of silver and gold where
Religious balls hover
And flying wings wing

Feart not! Hampton sings
In my garage
I am a Saint
And God is the king.


Now in my ososad apartment
With the found fens rose
Long gone Sharon
Off over tea

We stared at each other
Over Aphrodite
Wrote a poem together
And I realized I was a turkey

How small in the third heaven
I am an altar boy
Lighting candles
Everyday more revelation.,

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