Sunday, November 26, 2006

I remember Robert

Robert Junior Lockwood was very vivid. Some images of Robert:

Robert was very much into finding his own sound.

Robert was especially open to new sounds. Circa 1978 his band included a Fender Rhodes player. Slim sat in and played on it at the Speakeasy in Cambridge. He pronounced the Fender Rhodes: “Mickey Mouse.”

Robert was very close to his wife Annie. In Robert’s dressing room, if memory serves me, she shared her concoction of Hennesys and orange juice. I got the impression that, for her, Robert had a contract rider stipulating that a bottle of Henneys congac be placed in his dressing room.

Robert’s unique style in later years started with his guitar of choice .. a 12-string. Later when I heard African player like Sunny Ade and Ali Farka Toure, I hard a similar, kalimba like sound. Interesting.


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