Thursday, August 03, 2006

Feedback hero

He is a programmer. He absorbs powers from video games; generates a feedback field that disrupts electronics within 15 feet. A computer genius, Feedback is seeking to learn why he is progressively losing his memory. He is part of the 'reality' TV series So You Want To Be a Superhero. Reminds of our high school flick So You Want To Be a Beaver.

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Jack Vaughan said...

A DIgg guy commented he'd like to see that film: So you want to be a beaver. This was a John Ruetz-Bob Stepien project that I came into during part 2. Film for Screen Arts. We went to Wind Point and acting like the Monkees. I think I wore a German helmet.

But the title came from The True Water Beavers. Who I saw on Channel 2 while in Boston in summer of 1967. They were being interviewed as genuine hippies. And had made a movie of the title we took [ I think]. They had started a religion around a softball team t-shirt that said "True Water Beavers."

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