Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In tune with Wanda Jackson

Had a chance to see Wanda Jackson last Saturday night with Jake and Mike.

She is up in years, but her hair was new, and she just had a young spirit. She is the original Rockabilly Woman Singer of the 1950s. Elivs’ one-time girl friend. A ball of energy in her day, who could probably scare Eddie Cochrane and Gene Vincent if they had to follow her on stage. “Let’s Have a Party” was the big number.

It was a rainy night – “monsoon-like” suggested Wanda’s husband, manager and emcee – in Lexington [birthplace of American Revolution] Mass. Wanda’s show was a window back into time, when country performers had a way of old style vaudeville entertainment .. a firm grip on audience patter .. she would joke as she strapped on her [pink] guitar.
And tried to tune it in the humidity…one line..she tunes it.. some … “Well, that’s good enough for rocknroll! …”

“ I used to tell my band, if we’re out of tune it sounds like more of us.”

That’s rocknroll!

More Wanda

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