Sunday, April 30, 2006

Radio, radio!

Last week I sat down and recorded a podcast in my living room that was sort of my impersonation of a radio show. First show is called Overhaul Junction after an Albert King song.

[NOTE: Our first experience is in. For now, Podcasts will post and then remove in 1 month. If you access this page one month after publication, the podcast link will have expired..sorry. Get it while you can.]

I spin a few disks, various media really, and mutter a bit. This is experimental, hopefully the mix will improve. The show lasts 15 minutes, and it is a big 10 Meg download.

This took virtually no time to download on a corporate network, although, if you were to do it when the corporate network was busy .. say noon time, it might take 5 or 10 minutes. If you have DSL or cable modem, it should work okay at home .. but if you have dial-up, probably not. I think over the next few years, if the Good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, this podcasting will be easy to do, and we can all spin our disks in a sort of virtual party. And when we are gone, the party will just go on! Disks spinning in the cyber!


Anonymous said...

Dont stop, you can only get better! -Sig Sackowitz

indeeginous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! cool pod dude! I dig the tunes you spin. really smooth r&b!

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