Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hue Miscellany

Smoking links: How do we look to the rest of the world and what should that cost? What algorithm breakthrough will make machine men - and has Google already discovered it? The latest from the Edge of the Sea of Rains. All this and more I must ponder.

Victoria De Grazia, "The Selling of America, Bush Style," NYT, 2002
Quote of the day "When our neighbors call us vermin/We send out Woody Herman/That's what we call cultural exchange." - Dave Brubeck (on Cultural Exchange)

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Newer Math?
My read on Brooks: Google algorithms in search of the best answers on an adaptive network are being seen as a template for the type of math that might improve dramatically machine learning.,1,p1.html

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Nano Antenna

Gold nanospheres show a path to all-optical computing.,303,p1.html

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: CCD Developer, Learning Factory Recognized

Maybe it is outside of the realm of this award, and there is not an attempt here to make their efforts less than primary, but it might be worth noting the Gil Amelio had an important role in making CCDs manufacturable. CCDs were so different that they were used halfassedly for a lot of things before the imaging application stuck Ive heard.,323,p1.html

Web 2.0
The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Click "Oh yeah?"

Berners-Lee on Links circa 1996 - "You don't go down the street, after all, picking up every piece of paper blowing in the breeze." - Not unless you are Mike Dukakis.,258,p1.html

Nasa team sees explosion on Moon
News from the Edge of the Sea of Rains

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