Monday, November 28, 2005

Delivery for Welch

Came across V.Bush sideways at first. See related. This is how it played. More or less. Was done in days not long after discovering the tenets of Investigative Poetry. It wasnt about Bush but was about Welch.

Delivery for Welch

In the neighborhood
up where Doctor Bush lives
Everything is cozy
There’s green grass past the golf course
There’s stone walls
and trucks of spring water

Doctor Bush..he’s ancient ...
one of his neighbors is Robert Welch. it goes on and describes Chris, the long-haired delivery boy from Belmont Groceries showing up with Post Toasties, potatoes, milk ... for the founder of the John Birch Society..

Maid looks at him and shuts the door.
It opens again
There’s a dude with a shoulder-holstered gun who informs him they
‘don’t appreciate
long haired delivery boys, '
especially with no advance

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