Sunday, August 30, 2015

Five thoughts


look at your anger - it is very menacing. like a billowing monsoon cloud - but if you go there it is just mist. likewise if you look at the thought of anger it will vanish like frost in the morning sun


sing to god with the harp-sing to him with the harp-sing to our king with the harp - sing to him with the harp-god is the king of the whole earth-sing to him with the arp played skillfully.


Nothing but love over there where jesus is, ohh Nothing but love over there where jesus is (help me say it) Nothing but love over there where Jesus is, I wanna go, I wanna go, ohh Wait a minute bring it down Listen


“Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with coloured flowers and herbs”.


Truly it is Y*u who fashioned them and Y*u know their nature: they are but flesh and blood; man comes from dust and to dust returns; he gets his food at the peril of his life; he is like broken earthenware; like withering grass and fading flowers; like a fleeing shadow and a driven cloud; like a puff of wind, like vanishing dust, like a dream that flies away. But Y*u are the King, living, everlasting G*d.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shine on brightly

Al smiles bravely, Jack looks confused, Jim is all knowing. Aug 2015, San Francisco, 7 Mile.

One week ago. So great to see Al Smiley and his wonderful wife Bev. Who took this picture. Along with the essential curator of futuristic antiquity, Jim Augusta Haas. Al appears and I am happy. How did we get here? Jim Hass says I know just the place. 7 Mile. It was a long road here. And I get there early. So studiously use up time. I look at the nearby Cow Palace (Is this the ugliest building I have ever seen in my life? Is this where Goldwater was nominated? Hard to comprehend.) So I drive up to the part of Mission that Google workers are still avoiding, and get a phone charger at a Walgreens, in case, y'know, someone wanted to call me. And go to 7 Mile. The legend is that this was a stage coach stop. Pony Expressionism. For all I know it was a station on the Canterbury Tales route, cause it has the scent of trouble and hope. But I sit in the corner, and then Jim appears in the other corner (some enchanted evening!) just in more or less from Mexico. And then Al appears. Liked it when he recalled the Shepard plating Research & Development, the smocks and the chrome kazoo. One2Many in NYC. With Ken and Charlie up by Sacred Heart woods. Film art class, which forever make us filme experts, making 'So you want to be a beaver'' at Shoop Park, what songs id they play at the Nitty Gritty ("Hanky Pany'' I say…The (New) Blues Band recalls Al, St. Standing, the Farm, the Draft Lottery. To hear about his birdseye view on the America's Cup and Montery today. Spain! And then Whoosh down this hill . It's the edge of San Francisco and portal to Brisbane. To the airport in 15 minutes.. and winging home. But I remember!One

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ode on Jeff Hull Northeastern Installation 2015

I be in my car
in the morning going to work
I be in my car
in the morning going to work
when i should chance upon
a great installation of art.

I went down the old avenue.
Up where the Red Sox used to play.
When Cy Young was the all-star.
And Roosevelt was the dominating blade.
I'd drive by drive by dirive by.
And my eyes would start to play

I am sending you a big telegram in a rosy bygone song 
Within a perished kaleidoscope upon old Nessie's tail.

Seeing a:

Spinning rock wheel in Navajo Abyss;
Blue Notes dripping from a Skinny Guitar Being of Plasma;
Capt America – Serialized – Stigmaticized – Blooped and –Shim Sham Shimmicized;
Paisley Hulk rising dour in a cascade of loggerheads on Phoam beyond the Date of Expiration:
Night hawk eye eyeing confetti prey;
Amoebas Osmosing Amber, Fluffy marshmellow man on fi-o;
Dirigibles colliding with ferris wheels in Eiffel's vortex the horror
The bliss in the labyrinth of Paregoric Strata; and,
A comic custard Pie of Thorns just looking for an Arbuckle.

And more
dont you know
I keep on driving
in the morning going to work

It did me no harm
all i know is in a song
I would dream an inky fluid
of the essential march of time
of a fun house maze of mirrors
of metamorphism ready and unending.

- Jack Vaughan, August 2015