Saturday, April 25, 2015

Swarm drone locus demo

Rouse the devil/Get the goons on the squawk box/cause I just woke up/the alarm rang/I had a dream /dream of pre-programmed military machines/autonomous swarms of drones across the world/putting people out of work/even in China/swooshing in on cue/and miming for the camera/shoot up like the chapstick i put on your boil/scissors to wings/like our rock paper days/like a dazzling gymnast/awing and looking for predestination/

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Galvanize me, momma

Sunday Morning Review of what the Friday Times told me

In an ongoing effort to contemplate my life of the mind I will mark here what the Friday Times told me as I drank beer and watched the Masters Saturday. The Civil War is over 150 years Tell the Men playing checkers in backyards talking in North Charleston. Parades of the obvious as experts say shooting of a fleeing unarmed man does not appear to be justified. There's corruption in the top family of Chile. We visit the winged bull of Gilgamesh back from the dead again in the Baghdad museum. Rubio and Bush have hissy fit. Looking at a map of Yemen wonder that if this was US it would have been annexed a long time ago. Intel will not buy Altera  it seems.Night Life aint the right life in New York tis dangerous for athletes John Barry has good advice for all time “shouldn't be anywhere at 4 am.Only bad things happen at 4 am.” All power is mine as I read the Times in the bar room." - Jack Vaughan

Saturday, April 11, 2015

SpaceShip Earth View

PDP and me

Long ago and far away I sat with my boss discussing the news. The news on that day in 1992 was the ouster of Digital Equipment Corp.'s co-founder Ken Olsen. His departure was an inflection point along a trail that saw DEC go from being a gutsy Maynard, Mass. mill town startup to being a serious threat to IBM's industry leadership to being a forlorn merger candidate. Read on....