Saturday, May 25, 2019

From the Vaults: Titanic Transmission Clothesline Saga - May 2008

Our Look Back Memorial Day Special: When we were working on the Titanic Transmissions Monograph, spent some time in Jeff Hull's studio, where he had all these great drawings hanging on clothesline. Jacob took pics, I put them in a slide show, filmed that, put music too it, and posted via Blogger.

Notes: Across Hull’s studio hanging on a sagging clothesline: drawings on clothespins. . .fluttering Chinese flags in space, like birds on a wire, if you read them, playing a song. He gets up in the morning and holds on to that Plow. The Plow of Paint, Color and Forms. They detonate, like the movie marquees. Moon Travelers!

Tossed and driven by an angry sea storm of life raging –
They are ink on paper - first think in the morning and often they call out the shape of something to pursue. Sometimes he will pursue a recognizable figure in oil. A hand. The Titanic. Nevertheless, the figure you can verbally grasp swims in an unutterable image pool. Might be looking for you too. There are few atheists in a lifeboat.

The discourse of the distant light bulb marquee. . .the rat-a-tat of the news dispatch. . . lifeboats are floating as the Titanic is sinking. By reckoning they meet a visual correspondent in recent works of painter Hull. Canvases represent anew the omnivorously pregnant image stream of the present day - in vividly exploded patterns – in marvelous animations of paint. Look out baby, there’s a planet coming! 

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Addenda: Bob Dylan on Creativity - 

...most everything is a knockoff of something else. You could have some monstrous vision, or a perplexing idea that you can’t quite get down, can’t handle the theme. But then you’ll see a newspaper clipping or a billboard sign, or a paragraph from an old Dickens novel, or you’ll hear some line from another song, or something you might overhear somebody say just might be something in your mind that you didn’t know you remembered. That will give you the point of approach and specific details. It’s like you’re sleepwalking, not searching or seeking; things are transmitted to you. It’s as if you were looking at something far off and now you’re standing in the middle of it. Once you get the idea, everything you see, read, taste or smell becomes an allusion to it. It’s the art of transforming things. You don’t really serve art, art serves you and it’s only an expression of life anyway; it’s not real life. It’s tricky, you have to have the right touch and integrity or you could end up with something stupid....Some people never get this and they’re left outside in the dark. Try to create something original, you’re in for a surprise.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Nobody's Fault But Lee Lincoln Moon Scarp

The Lee Lincoln Scarp shows a fault at the Apollo 17 landing site

Hey people, let's do some Moon Herald Travelling! In 2010, planetary geoscientist Thomas Waters and others at the Smithsonian Institutions’  National Air and Space Museum looked at evidence from the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter that seemed to suggest visible faults on the surface of the moon were not so ancient - that they were as young as 50 million years old. Waters recently led a study which conjectures that there was much more seismic activity on the Moon then was previously thought. This leads to the tentative conclusion that the Moon is actually somewhat tectonicaly active.

Viewed from afar one such young fault looks like a river - get closer it looks like a scar. It is a thrust fault traversing Lee Lincoln Scarp (a ravine named as some ode to Civil War equivalency?) where Apollo 17 set down.

The author of a NYTimes reports writes:  ''The moon’s thrust faults are a sign that the whole orb is contracting as it loses internal heat, cools and shrinks; Mercury is undergoing a similar process.''


Sunday, May 05, 2019

The 145th Kentucky Derby

The horses crossed the finish line with Maximum Security capturing a victory. But within a few minutes came great uncertainty. This was a Kentucky Derby like no other. After 20-plus minutes of scrutiny the judges dq'd the apparent victor, and draped Country Home with the red roses. The dreams of Luis Saez and Jason Servis gave way to those of Flavian Prat and Bill Mott. What sport!

Here is my writeup .

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