Sunday, October 23, 2016

The News is Killing Me Redux

Originally published on this Blog Nov 21, 2015

There was a day when I stopped time
Or better said: I saw time stop to check its hair in a mirror

Watching Kuwait invasion on TV at a bar,
while reading that day's paper which held - you know - the previous day's news

It took many beers, years, cigarettes, and news editions
to get to the moment

Where the datelines chase the deadlines and portend
the news about diplomatic shuttles and armed buildups on a border.

And you could see the future there even though it was the day after
like sam spade

Sam spade in The Maltese Falcon reading The Shipping News  and
He sees a notice, the La Paloma is arriving.

A little column of type not even spinning in animation.

He circles it. In the film he heads to the docks.

Emergency is evident. The ship is on fire
Fire foretold in a close up of a column in a paper.

Just like the wormhole of Kuwait.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beranek - engineering great, at 102


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