Friday, April 29, 2011

Diddley Bow Goes to Hollywood

On the eve of the Monarch's Marriage I watched a video. I cant recomend It Might Get Loud to any but the most in-the-wool electric guitar freak, but a few moments resonated for me.

One: where Jimmy Page decribes his thrall and reacts listening to Shawnee Indian Link Wray's game changing Rumble. His eyes and movement [playing guitar on air along with Link] say most all of it. Describing Link and Rumble, Jimmy says, "Profound Attitude."

The other: is Jack White making an electric diddley bow on a country cottage porch. Alsways fun to see good muscians interact, tho. Page for sure was the leader as he, White and U-2's The Edge met on the ground of the blues, is most of a handful of numbers.

"Muddy had a soul with one string on the guitar." - Sunnyland Slim on Muddy Waters

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