Sunday, October 27, 2013

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News you can use -A guy reading a paper at a bar today is a slug from prehistory. But give that same guy a cell phone to read this paper and he melts into the crowd.

Pres. Obama called Ted: “The Soul of the Democratic Party.” I hung out for the funeral procession that was in my neighborhood.

Some memory serves well - A couple of years ago we had a discussion, trying to remember encounter with Ginsberg and Dylan. We each remembered differently.

Elmore - Reading recently,  I found it remarkable to learn that Elmore worked in his brother's Radio repair shop after getting out of the Navy. Did this inform his feedback loop?

The Fractalist - Born in 1924 from a family of noted European mathematicians, Benoit Mandelbrot had an early interest in maps, and began early on to study nature's rough terrains.

Wurlitzer Electric Piano Being an homage to the electric piano, yknow? Like  "What I say" and "I'm just a Prisoner"?

Monbouquette at Mission Hill Little League Dinner - I was able to attend the annual Mission Hill Little League Trophy Award Ceremony and Dinner & see Red Sox pitching great Bill Monbo

Take me out to the morass!
Sox are in ALC at time of this posting.Now is the time: Let's look back to the year of Valentine 2012, when a strange ennui settled on the Fens and near environs.

The Boston Jazz Chronicles
Storyville, Lenny’s on the Turnpike, the Hi-Hat, Wally’s Paradise (still active) .. these were Boston jazz night clubs - stops along the way for musicians, jazz fans, others.

Albert Collins had a long recording career. There are a couple or three of albums that really stick out for me.

Keith Richard's biography ("Life", 2010) was a surprising success commercial literary terms. His bits on music R clarifying.

Roland Kirk: Up there somewhere
I would say this is Roland playing a Stylophone, [a vid was pulled at YouTube. Sigh.]

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