Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dr Bop Mog: Wurlitzer Electric Piano List

Sunnyland had a red Wuritzer electric piano with which he was ready to part. Say for $500. Trouble was that's how much it cost to fix each key. He liked it cause it stayed in tune and was portable. But, wow, he made some fabulous music on that thing, quite different in style and attack, naturally, than that which he made with a regular piano. As far as I know, little of this was recorded. On Adephi Really Chicago's Blues LP he plays it on Rollin and Tumblin that is kind of a fragment. Using the power of mog I am going to create a Wurlitzer electric list. Starting at what I will call the end with Riders on the Storm of 70s, then moving to the classic soul 60s with Candi Staton and Aretha Franklin who used the instrument to great effect on "Im Just a Prisoner" and "I Never Loved a Man", receptively. Incredible existential workouts both. The full list ends where I'd say this thing starts: What I Say by Brother Ray.

Click to go to list: Then click on "Play all tracks" to play.

posted Jack Dr Bop Mog Vaughan

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Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty good link to some of the studio where some of this soulful stuff happend.

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