Monday, July 18, 2016

Checking up on my baby

It is hard to get an ensemble together without much practice. But the blues looked at that issue and figured out a form that was transportable across place, time, persons and circumstance. It is a trick but the form is such that you can pick it up. I worked (as a gopher) a lot for Sunnyland Slim, and we always almost were about pick up. He had a way of closing out songs that used clear music signal, honed over many blues evenings with many players. Dadadadada-dat-dut-dut. If someone kept playing, and missed that cue, and this happened in Beverley, Boston and elsewhere, you knew it would be a long night. If they caught is as many of them did, you could have confidence in the evening. That is something about the blues form. Which I am thinking about. This song was done I think by both Sonnyboys. I heard first from Taj Mahal. With Ry Cooder and Jesse Ed Davis. This here is homage to version of Sir Mick Jagger, soon to be a Rolling Stone papa again. Yes, that is Cecelia at the race track.I found her! Sorry but the song ends without any related Dadadadada-dat-dut-dut - one of the software tools let me down. I fauxed up. It just ends.Thanks to Schlitz for the underwriting. - Jack Vaughan

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