Monday, September 08, 2014

Roots of EBS 90814

Fug You. by Ed Sanders P 300 -327 Described here are themes that relate to his musical view, as the 60s wind down. In the studio doing a whole LP side with a single flow without separations. The dread specter had a musical correlative in the form of the eerie theremins of the BeachBoy's Good Vibrations and Krysztof Komeda's Rosemary's Baby* The 60s winding down meant he was tired of public exorcisms, he was almost in Valerie (SCUM Manifesto) Solanas' cross hairs, and the poetry was to the amp in the largely humming feedback mix. The 60s winding down meant that quietude was forlorn and foreign. A change was going to come. Mainly, after a significant sojourn in the belly of the Tate-LaBianca murders, it was to expand on Investigative Poetry, but also it was to tinker with electronics for accompanying the bard. Thus the Electronic Bard System (EBS).

*Mia Farrow beats Mo Tucker to market by a year.

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