Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At Night at The Big Broadcast

The Big Psychedelic Broadcast - We went down to see the big boat off/the crowd called for [Reinaldo] to sing/I've got laryngitis he said, the fop/but [Kitty Carlyle] did her thing/she sang to the urchins she sang to the rich/ the boat ramp ganging way/[Alan Jones] he intones some beauteous Florentine balladry/ some get on the ship to sail the big sea to the chords of Gloria in the exalt sea.The ship the Collussus was powered by radio. In the hole a mighty dynamo. Starry was the machinery - Tesla-like the broadcast signal & great - Kitty looked upon "an ingenious channel for transforming heat from missive transmission" as described by the gushing Capt Engenue. "Scarcely humming but ever audible." thought Adams Ginsberg.  Aye, Captain. The wheel "one could almost pray to." (pictured: The Big Broadcast of 1938) 

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