Friday, November 23, 2012

Dr Mog Bop says: Drone on my child!

In the 60s there was  the idea of drone. Not the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) kind. I think it was the Beatles that put it out there for us. - but  the Velvets had it via Cage. It was coupled often with the notion of neon. cut to the future: nice to see a whole cd is out dedicated to the notion. Roots of Drone.

Why Edie Sedwick on the cover of roots of drone? Maybe when she talked, she'd just drone on. I say dont ask; dont tell. Be here now. Check out this consideration of drone. Not often you get a collection that goes from Sally Goodin to Shostakovich. and the Monks Of The Kume Tarsang Monastery Of Lhasa, Tibet. & Wagner. Khuda Box Mandrani. I am going to insert an alt John Lee Hooker number just for the heck of it in my Playlist below. it  has Rolf harris on ditchereedoo. Sleepwalk. That's the drone of CYO dance. Yknow.

Of course there are missives. Tomorrow never knows never probably got freed up by the living beatles and their estate. One big one for me would be On the road again by the Canned Heat Blues Band.So that is part of my highlight drone roots list. But they had the good sense to do Floyd Jones original, with Sunnyland Slim playing his most pensive ever. Drone on my child! 59 minutes!

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