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Dr Mog Bop Jamboree Nov 17 2012

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CHINESE CHECKERS Mog has given me a chance to pick up on a lot of stuff, I hadn’t heard before, or it just once or twice. Been a great chance to pick up more on blues. Which, when you have the worldwideweb as oyster has a lot of nooks and crannies. (Nookies and crans?) Every half hour usta have an instrumental, to fill in the gap before the news. Such as this…this set kicks off with Chinese Checkers by Booker T and the MGs. Rock on Duck wherever you are!

WOMAN BE WISE Sippie Wallace came to the broad world attention through her champion Bonnie Raiit. Here she is with her  signature song. Woman Be Wise. From the school of think twice and speak once. “Woman be Wise, keep your moth shut and don’t advertise your man.” Sippie could not have a more excellent accompanist than she has here; Little Brother Montgomery on the piano.

WHY DONT WE DO IT IN THE ROAD don’t know how this happened. A lot of people will say it’s a travesty for Lowell Fulson to be forced to do Why Don’t We Do It in the Road? But I get a kick out of it. Its different for Lowell…sounds like the Black Keys, really. But the funny thing is he keeps moving the love making back to more comfortable places. Why don’t we do it in the road? Why don’t we do it in the car? Why don’t we do it in the house? Finding his own song, really. From the soundtrack of American Gangsta- No one will be watching us!

SICK AND TIRED Found a great David Bartholome argosy. On it many key Crescent City numbers. I knew this song from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Its got a drone Nawlins pno. Hot sax. Crazy back beat. (Dave invented the Big Beat.) Sea Cruise Horns. And a crying vocal. Stop that jive or find yourself outside! Asking the musical question:  Oh baby, whatcha gonna do?!

GIRLISH WAYS David Johansson did this. He was a Doll? You know what I am talking about? Who did it first? Take a guess. Yes, Mr. Jones, it’s a girl! The original stands immortal. It’s Memphis Minnie the  guitar Cleopatra. Listen to the words…Memphis Minnie was just trying to play her hand from through the window came a man. And things got weird.She was learning. Had to travel before she got wise. She was thinking back to 1917 when she did this. Which is like now if we were thinking back to 1996. Come in ze here fact checker, but Lord Master play it for me now! It’s Minnie doing In my Girlish Days.

LOVE HAVE MERCY One of my favorites all time is Otis Redding’s Dictionary of Soul LP. Came across in a bin around 1969. Otis looks a little like Groucho on the cover. This aint the strongest number on that LP, but it hit me while I was dressing for work one day in 2012. What a group. I like the double beat. Keep your eye on the drummer and Watch for the double beat!The professer says Lord have mercy on my soul, how many (chickens) have I stole! Love Have Mercy!

CHICKEN SHACK There is a damn lot of variety to the blues. Don’t let anyone tell you different. That’s one thing this deck is about. Ok every friggin band did Chicken Shack, that’s true. But what if we went back to first  principles? Fading out to the news now… Dr Mog Bop says adew. From Philly to the world Jimmy  BFree B3 Smith..Chicken Shack!

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