Friday, October 05, 2012

The great chain of Link Wray

After promoting Link Wray’s offbeat mountain shack hippie period record last week it is time to sample his core oeuvre with the Wraymen and such. I am gonna hip you to some stuff I found more lately. That is The Wild One, which evokes for me Third Stone From the Sun by Jimi Hendrix (used for a high school film class opus called “Lenny Bruce in Space”),which invokes Telstar by Joe Meek and the Tornados. Threw in Rawhide (Memphis Rockabilly Band used to kill with this – also probably theme for an oldies show or two). Then done first by the English Shadows is Shawnee Link’s Apache, boinging out to Cecelia. Finally, we return to space with Interstellar Overdrive by the Pink Floyds. The moral of the story is that surf music is a space thing. Psychedelic!

 posted Jack Dr Bop Mog Vaughan

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